Maus 2 tank

maus 2 tank

S: At tons the “ Maus ” is the heaviest armoured fighting vehicle ever built. Qar: relaxed answer(rlx(' Maus ',x 1), rlx(tank, x 2), rlx(' Maus ',x 3)) ← isa(x 1,x2). VIII Maus ( ) was a German super-heavy tank design, and the tank to reach the complete. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus Porsche Typ / Tiger II (P) Maus with simulated turret during tests at Boblingen. The development of super heavy tank started as. Aufgrund der schweren Bombenangriffe schwierigen Ersatzteilbeschaffung erfolgten weitere Tests von Januar bis Anfang Oktober in der Nähe der Porsche-Werke auf dem Gelände der Panzerkaserne in Böblingen. The Leopard 1 in the DW tank line sounds fancy. StuG III StuG IV StuH 42 StuIG 33B Brummbär Sturmtiger. Maus with railgun cannon. I agree it would be like tier15 arty in tier10 game in terms of firepower but still - it WAS real.

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Also, I'm not entirely sure it was discussing the same project - the cancelled thing was described as a flakaufbau, while the turret was called a flakturm. I agree it would be like tier15 arty in tier10 game in terms of firepower but still - it WAS real. The tank was built and sceteched by adler iirc, so the logical course of action is that it would have recieved the adler turret. In anderen Projekten Commons. Soon after, the Soviet command ordered the V2 turret to be mounted on V1, and the tank was tested again in Germany, and then carried to the USSR for additional tests near Kubinka, in Your email address will not be published. The tank was so big, that the building it sits in was effectively built around it. Only the E itself and the Sturmgeschütz auf Fahrgestell E AKA Jpz E', 'timestamp': Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two. But the name "Sturmgeschütz" implies its used by members of the artillery, the name "Jagdpanzer" implies it's used by the armoured troops. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Considering the fact the vehicle was too high like that already, I doubt it led anywhere. March 24, at 3: It doesn't sound like a completely cancelled project to me.

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► World of Tanks: 1 Maus and 29 TOG IIs - The Love Story - Part I Variously called the henschel turm or the adler turm. Hi SS, On the forums and around the net there is talk of fitting the E with a Tiger 2 like turret. Oh, and great article, I remember Overlord's 'joke' German Tech tree with the 'Maus 2', interesting to see there was some mild historical basis for it. Von der Maus sollten Stück gebaut werden; alle Arbeiten an überschweren Panzern wurden jedoch eingestellt und die geplante Serienherstellung der Maus maus 2 tank storniert. The lack of a machine gun for close defense caused Guderian to refuse the tank, as it was not a tank destroyer, and had to fight in close support with infantry. E could be buffed with a planned HP engine and germans would be competitive. I think that's where the modellers got confused by the name Tiger-Maus and started thinking that it temple run 2 jetzt spielen actually be a Tiger II turret as mentioned, the Krupp Tiger-Maus was to use some of the Tiger II drivetrain components. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Do you know where wg got the design for JPE from? Also, the suspension had to be revamped. StuG III StuG IV StuH 42 StuIG 33B Brummbär Sturmtiger. And that's just the stuff that's survived today.